Information Pack for AGM Registration


The GALZ AGM will be held virtually on 11 December at 9am.

Kindly take note of the Agenda:

1. Constitution of Meeting and Confirmation of Quorum
2. Confirmation and Adoption of Agenda
3. Reading and Adoption of Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting
4. Discussion of Matters Arising from Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting
5. Chairperson’s Statement
6. Presentation of the 2020 Audited Financial Statements and Report by the
7. Confirmation of Appointment of Auditors for the Next Financial Year
8. Elections of New Board

Under Review: 

Members are advised to go over the following documents before the meeting:

1.     Chairperson’s Report

2.     Minutes of the Previous Meeting

      1. The 2020 annual report:
      2. Candidate profiles


Elections of the Board Nominees will be done via Mentimeter.

The voting code will be shared for 10 mins during the Elections section of the agenda.

·       Visit

·       Fill in the voting code.

·       Select names of your preferred Candidates.

·       When done, press Submit.

Board Nominees:

The GALZ Board is governed by Section 8 of the GALZ Constitution. The following individuals are eligible for election into the Board and are experts in the specialties highlighted:

1.     LUCHIE MUNYARADZI MARUMAHOKO – Finance, Audit Professional

2.     DORCAS T. CHITIYO – Legal Research, Human Rights Lawyer, Public Prosecutor

3.     CHARLTON C. TSODZO, PHD – Pan-African Development

4.     OBERT MANYEZA – Education, Development and Sociology, HIV/AIDS Interventions

5.     VALERIE NATASHA MSONZA – Media and Gender, Monitoring and Evaluation

6.     MEMORY PAMELLA KADAU – Women and Gender, Crisis Management, Counselling and Psychosocial Support

7.     SIPHO MAHLANGU – Counselling

8.     MUNATSI SHOKO – Population Studies

9.     ANGELINE CHIWETANI – Counselling, Community Development

10.  BEATRICE SAVADYE – Women and Gender, Media

AGM Rules:

·       Only GALZ members will be allowed to attend.

·       Admission to the Waiting Room will be closed at 09:15am.

·       The meeting will be recorded. By registering you are consenting to having your name seen and voice recorded for audit purposes.

·       Remember to rename your device once signed in. Use the name you used at registration on the GALZ membership form.

·       Indicate your preferred pronoun after your name e.g. ‘Some Person (she/her)’

·       Please note speaking times will be limited to 2mins maximum.

·       Remember LGBTI issues still carry danger. Attend in a safe, quiet place; preferably use earphones to listen in.

·       Switch off your video and mute your mic upon entry.

·       Use the ‘Raise hand’ icon when wanting to speak, or send a message directly to the Host for point to be raised when audience is given the floor.

·       Submissions during the meeting will be also accepted via the chatbox in the interest of being efficient in time management

If you have any enquiries get in touch with your local Ordaa Advocate, Peer Coordinator at a GALZ resource centre, or email or call 0772210836.