Call for Expression of Interest: Baseline Survey

GALZ an Association of LGBTI people in Zimbabwe is pleased to announce the call for expression of interest to conduct a Baseline Survey to assess the experiences of Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender, Intersex and Queer (LGBTIQ) students on campus and perceptions of campus climate and student outcomes.



Inclusive education is a rights-based approach to education that appreciates diversity among learners and their unique educational needs. Inclusive education centres its efforts on children who are vulnerable and prone to exclusion and marginalisation. The Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education in Zimbabwe conducted a study in 2015 and reported that over 1.2 million children are out of school. GALZ would like to believe that a section of these are LGBTIQ learners who for various reasons are out of school.


The survey is being conducted as part of the organisation’s implementation of the All Access programme which will :

  • Assess institutional climate
  • Assess existing Institutional programs, policies, and education methods
  • Explore incidences of harassment of sexual minority students on campus
  • Examine stressors and behaviors that are distinctive to this population
  • LGBTIQ Identity and its Impact on academic learning

 The survey will cover the following institutions:

  1. University Zimbabwe
  2. Great Zimbabwe University
  3. Midlands State Universities
  4. Chinhoyi University of Technology
  5. National University of Science and Technology
  6. Lupane State University
  7. Gwanda State University
  8. Harare Institute of Technology
  9. Marondera State University
  10. Bindura University of Science education

The project seeks to influence the development of an Inclusive Education Policy which will provide guidance and a support framework that enables the implementation of inclusive education in Zimbabwe.

This will be done collaboratively with policy makers, education practitioners, civil society, political leaders, religious leaders and media. All these stakeholders have a part to play in the development of an inclusive educational system that ensures that every learner achieves their potential and lives a productive and fulfilled life including LGBTIQ learners.

This Baseline shall provide foundational data towards the All Access program, which seeks to address:

  1. Provide confidential and visible support to LGBTIQ learners
  2. Access to appropriate non-stigmatized and non-discriminatory education and foster student development.
  3. Structural barriers that inhibit access to education and information through a rights-based approach
  4. Strategies to reduce presence of homophobia and transphobia on campus



The consultant shall be required to provide raw data in all the findings revealed under this work and present a baseline report on the agreed scope of work.

Required: Consultant

Duration: 21 days

Purpose:   To conduct a Baseline Survey, assessing the current state of LGBTIQ students in

                  tertiary institutions, identifying the gaps in research.

Reports to: GALZ Programme Manager

Minimum qualifications             

  • Master’s degree in education or any relevant post-graduate degree
  • Experience in advancing educational skills for sexual minorities
  • Proven experience in doing baseline studies, related studies as well as formative research

Deadline: 12 June 2018

Send: to