GALZ to be part of African Stigma & Discrimination Forum

The Virology Education Institute, with Positive Vibes Trust are hosting the African Stigma and Discrimination Forum on  11 November 2020!

The Stigma & Discrimination Forum is a global educational program of highly interactive forum on strategies to reduce stigma and discrimination. The program targets all relevant stakeholders such as healthcare providers, community advocates, and policymakers. The lectures reflect on region-specific aspects of the HIV epidemic, national policies, guidelines, and societal context. They include community and health care perspective of HIV related stigma and discrimination, as well as national plans and programs for implementation of strategies to eliminate these major issues in countries. The format offers opportunities to discuss and share experiences relevant in particular to the local and regional settings.

The GALZ Programmes Manager, Samuel Matsikure, will be part of the live discussion on Barriers for Key populations to access Comprehensive SRHR Services. The panel discussion will be chaired by Salen Kambinda. The event hashtag is #StigmaForum.

The Forum starts at 14:00 South African Standard Time (SAST). It will be a 30 minute panel discussion. Important to know is that registration is FREE for all healthcare professionals (including doctors, researchers, nurses, NGO representatives, community representatives, government representatives, etc.)

People can use the following link to register:

Additional information for participants:

•            It is very important to always mute your microphone and hide your camera when you are not part of the discussion

•            We will indicate when it is time to turn on your video and microphone

•            Please do not speak during breaks as everything is broadcasted Live

•            Please turn off any devices including systems on your computer to avoid background noise

•            Preferably use earphones/headphones and wired internet connection (if possible)