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GALZ provides relief packages for members during Covid-19 lockdown

In response to growing coronavirus infections, Zimbabwe went under preventative lockdown from March 28, 2020. This period saw the restriction of movement to slow the spread of the disease. A report published by GALZ after extensive research among members and with partner organisations revealed that under isolation, LGBTI persons faced challenges such as:

  • living with homophobic families
  • loss of income
  • gender-based and intimate partner violence
  • mental distress due to lack of human contact
  • subsequent hunger due to the effects on livelihoods
  • limited access to LGBTI-friendly sexual and reproductive health facilities, which in turn affected access to PrEP, PEP and Anti-retroviral treatment

GALZ mandate is to look out for the welfare of the membership. With that in mind, the following interventions were set up between March and April 2020:


  1. Capacitation of Counselling Unit to sustain 24/7 digital availability for therapy sessions. GALZ social media channels also serve as a support function in this regard, channelling member enquiries to relevant departments
GALZ provides counselling to members
Counselling flyer










2. Set up of a KP-outreach clinic at GALZ Harare offices, to provide basic health services to members. This clinic operates for 3 hours on Tuesday and Friday mornings under strict Covid-19 prevention protocols. Services include HIV testing, STI treatment including warts treatment referrals, access to PrEP/ART, access to barrier methods. Members can also make special arrangements with GALZ if they require transport to and from the clinic

Flyer for GALZ mini clinic
GALZ provides basic health services











3. Distribution of food aid packs to identified members in need. Kicking up efforts to aid community members, a donation call was made to members requesting assistance to help other members in need. Within a fortnight, members and other well-wishers had generated $4,200. This was then used to acquire food and other necessities in bulk, to be sorted for nationwide distribution. This is coordinated by the sites in various regions across Zimbabwe

GALZ donation call
GALZ call for donations








These are just some of the ongoing efforts by GALZ and its strategic partners to ensure basic human rights of LGBTI persons are protected at all times. The Covid-19 response is ongoing, with a research study launched by the GALZ Research and Documentation Unit to further gauge effects of this unprecedented global crisis and its micro-effects, to further guide the organisation’s response to its community’s most pressing needs.