Matters of health relating to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people are central to the business of GALZ. The association provides unique services in this regard and, as homosexuals are purposefully ignored in all government-led national health programming, GALZ plays an important role in ensuring that information specific to Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) and Women who have Sex with Women (WSW) reaches at least some of those who need it.


Psychosocial Support

The oppressive climate of homophobia prevailing in Zimbabwe means that many lesbian and gay people suffer extreme trauma and feelings of self-doubt when trying to come to terms with their sexuality. These feelings are often compounded by real fears of being evicted from home, dismissed from work and being verbally and/or physically abused.

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Lionel is a member of GALZ

HIV/AIDS Support

The GALZ Positive Support Group, GALZ+ offers psychosocial support for members who are HIV positive or think they might be. GALZ+ also provides support for members who are HIV negative but still affected by by the virus.

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Samuel Matsikure is the Programmes Manager at GALZ. Samuel says that SHARP has enabled GALZ to be one of the core players in HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe.

Orientation of New Members

Any person approaching GALZ to become a member for the first time is asked to go through an orientation session which allows a counsellor to assess whether or not the applicant is genuine. Owing to State-instigated propaganda, others are under the mistaken impression that GALZ is an association of sex workers and that members are paid to provide sexual services to foreigners.

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