Mental Health Resources

GALZ promotes LGBTIQ Human rights, good health, and mental and psychological wellbeing of sexual minorities in Zimbabwe and other countries. GALZ has developed various psychosocial and general health guidelines to ensure that LGBTIQ receive adequate and standard medical treatment and justice without stigma and discrimination.

Through the counselling and psychosocial support offering, we aim to

  • Empower marginalized sexual minorities to live healthy lives.
  • Provide enhanced counselling therapies & psychosocial support
  • Promote the increase & uptake of HIV prevention services to the LGBTIQ+Increase knowledge and access of sexual reproductive health interventions
  • Encourage formation & sustainability of peer support groups
  • Holistically manage the needs of clients including through making referrals to resource partners.

We provide support through the following:

  • Individual face-to-face Counselling
  • Couple Counselling
  • Family Counselling
  • Group Counselling
  • On-going Supportive Counselling
  • Telephone/Skype therapy
  • Affirmative Counselling
  • Sexual Identity Therapy
  • Suicide Therapy
  • Pre/Post test Counselling
  • Initiation & Adherence Therapy
  • Sexual Reproductive Health Counselling
  • Psycho-education
  • Substance Abuse therapy
  • Disclosure Therapy
  • Telephone Counselling
  • Creative Art Counselling

GALZ also partners with other like-minded organisations in the provision of LGBTI mental health resources. Wellness Hub is a free online mental health initiative, collating resources in one place, from Bayethe Development Institute. You can find out about Wellness Hub here.