GALZ Jacaranda Queen pageant

Jacaranda Queen Virtual Pageant Terms and Conditions

The Jacaranda Queen Pageant has been transferred virtually in 2020. The naming of the pageant is a 30-year GALZ trademark, however, this year’s edition caters to members across all LGBTIQ+ expressions and identities.


By Entering The GALZ Jacaranda Virtual Pageant you agree to the following terms and conditions.


  1. You must be 18 years or older by 1st October 2020.


  1. This competition is open only to Zimbabwean GALZ community members. Members based out of Zimbabwe may participate only with valid membership.


  1. You must identify as a gay, transgender, lesbian, bisexual, queer, or other non-cisgender heterosexual LGBTIAQ+ identity or be an intersex person to enter.


  1. You must be a member of GALZ to participate.


  1. GALZ is not obliged to provide data for entrance into this contests. All costs of entry are the sole responsibility of the entrant.


  1. Prizes are not exchangeable for cash or otherwise.


  1. If selected as a winner, you are obliged to provide GALZ information such as your legal name and contact number to facilitate prize receipt. Winners will be expected to sign a consent form, allowing GALZ to publish their image in the winner announcement and the organisation’s annual (and other) reports.


6.1 GALZ will provide the winner prizes within 90 days of the winner announcement.


  1. Contestants are to provide x3 images of themselves, following the 3 categories as outlined on the event flyer, but all following the concept of drag artistry
    • Drag refers to perfomance art making use of makeup, costume and adornment to express a transformation, often one that bends across typical gender appearance. Preference is for contestants to be unrecognisable in their transformation photographs.
    • The categories are African Attire, Formal/Evening Elegance and Summer Smart
    • Nudity and/or obscene photographs will not be tolerated and will lead to immediate disqualification
    • Photographs will be shared with judges via encrypted service and for this sole purpose only
    • Entrants will share their pseudonym or stage name to the supplied number. Blue ticks will constitute evidence of receipt.
    • Canvassing GALZ staff (‘follow ups’) during the run of the competition will result in disqualification
    • GALZ is not obliged to accept any entry that does not follow the rules of entry


  1. GALZ will announce winners using their supplied pseudonym via Facebook. You agree that your image may be used in this announcement.


  1. All due care will be taken to protect the images sent to GALZ. GALZ is absolved for liability where an image is released into the public domain from a number not registered to a GALZ official or the official judge.


  1. Categories and prizes are not exchangeable. Prizes will be advised in due course.


  1. If lost, prizes will not be replaced by GALZ


  1. All winners/Contestants may be required to carry out publicity during their one year reign like answering interviews and possibly attending GALZ events. We expect our winners to be good role models and representatives for our pageant and our community.


  1. By entering our pageant system you agree to these terms and conditions.