Orientation of New Members

Any person approaching GALZ to become a member for the first time is asked to go through an orientation session which allows a counsellor to assess whether or not the applicant is genuine. Owing to State-instigated propaganda, others are under the mistaken impression that GALZ is an association of sex workers and that members are paid to provide sexual services to foreigners. Some of these applicants are genuinely lesbian, gay or bisexual and are happy to join anyway; others are heterosexuals desperate to earn a living even if it involves performing sexual acts which run counter to their sexual orientation.

Another valuable function of orientation sessions is to discover if new members are experiencing any personal problems that a counsellor might be able to help them with. Basic information relating to HIV and other STIs is also offered. This is particularly important for sexually inexperienced new members who may be tempted to rush into sexual relationships without careful thought as to the implications these might have on their general health and well being.