Skills for Life / Safety Net

GALZ runs a self-empowerment programme intended to enhance the personal social development of its members. Under ‘Skills for Life’ (popularly referred to by GALZ members as Livelihoods), individual members are provided with sponsorship to undergo short vocational training courses which improve their chances of finding employment in the formal sector or make them more competitive when it comes to the possibility of promotion in the workplace.

The motivation behind the programme is that family members who are discovered to be lesbian, gay or bisexual, are less likely to be evicted from home if they are income generators. And should this happen, a person is more likely to have the means to be economically and socially independent. In addition, lesbian and gay people who are earning generally have a greater sense of self-esteem which motivates them to take better care of their health needs.

The GALZ Safety Net is intended to provide urgent relief to members in an emergency. For example, if a member is discovered to be gay, lesbian or bisexual and is then evicted from home or from his or her place of residence, GALZ provides counselling, food and shelter for 72 hours in order to give the member time to make alternative plans.

Since family support is extremely important for survival for many Zimbabweans, the GALZ counselling service does everything it can to help reintegrate the evicted member back into the home.In this regard the association has been extremely successful.