Staff Bios

Chester Samba


Chester was born in Gweru Zimbabwe, several years ago; he started out as a shop assistant in Nyazura. A small farming (then) town east of Zimbabwe then worked magic on women’s hair, from Bobs to fringes. The smell of perm lotion forced the great trek to the big city where he furthered his studies in accounting before queer activism finally struck. Starting off as an office administrator in the big city wasn’t easy as he had a special interest in advancing human rights of gay communities. As a gay activist, he is involved in advocacy and ensuring GALZ visibility in a number of sectors. He spends his time analysing as far as possible, political developments and their implications on citizens with particular interest in LGBTI communities. He has become the GALZ face and voice in the media and ensures continued visibility of GALZ nationally and internationally as a legitimate player in the human rights arena. Chester loves baking. Join him in the struggle for equality in Zimbabwe.

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Samuel Matsikure


Samuel worked as a high school teacher for six years teaching Religious education, English, Short and later as an ART and Design teacher before joining GALZ. Matsikure joined GALZ as a programmes Officer providing counselling other Health services to LGBT community members and their families. He rose in the ranks to become the Health programmes Manager, through organizational restructuring was appointed Programmes Manager. Sam as he is passionately known by his colleagues and friends holds a Diploma in Higher Education, Diploma in Family Therapy with Zimbabwe Institute for Systemic Therapy, a Bachelors Honours Degree in Sociology and Gender Development and an Alumni of Columbia University a Human Rights Advocacy Program Fellow 2016. Sam has been trained in other courses in LGBTI programming, Management and research.


Gilbert Kunyarimwe


Gilbert is Responsible for finance, accounting, administration, grant management and human resources in GALZ. Kunyarimwe Joined GALZ in June 2010 as the Operations Manager. Kunyarimwe holds a Bachelor of Accounting, CIS and IAC graduate. He has 20 years experience in Accounting and administration work and 10 years in senior management. GK as he is well known by his colleagues has been involved in programme management by translating the vision, policies and objectives of GALZ into action both in the long and short term and ensuring continued visibility of the organization nationally and internationally as a legitimate player in the human rights arena.


Sylvester Munyaradzi Nyamatendedza


Sylvester is based at the GALZ Headquarters in Harare. A Sociology graduate with the University of Zimbabwe, Nyamatendedza is a holder of a Masters Degree in Development Studies with Midlands State University. Sylvester has over five years experience in working with the LGBTI community providing counseling, para-legal support, documenting human rights violations, working with friends and families of LGBTI, sensitizing Health workers, lawyers and journalist on how to meaningfully and sensibly work with the LGBTI community. Prior to joining GALZ, Sylvester worked as an Administrative assistant and Research assistant.


Tash Dowell


A Graphic Designer, Tech and Visual Arts Enthusiast and a Communication Science student, Tash has been working with GALZ for five years. Tash oversees GALZ’s Communications and Media Advocacy; managing and supporting GALZ’s work to conceptualise, build and strengthen the organisation’s brand and visibility and fulfilling GALZ’s communications and media advocacy strategy with particular focus on promoting GALZ’s strategy and national priorities to its stakeholders.

She began her career as the Youth Coordinator, whose role focused on empowering youths to articulate their own issues and advocate for inclusivity in the youth mainstream and was involved in various regional initiatives such as Arts for Activism that gave youths the platform to use Art to create advocacy messaging and the Looking In, Looking Out initiative from Didiri.

Tash is currently studying with UNISA. She is also a Digital Security Trainer, technology geek, occasional blogger and an aspiring photographer


Josephat Rodney Chirunga


Based in Harare, Rodney has over three years experience in working with the LGBTI community. Rodney is in charge of Member-focused programming, Peer Educators coordination, membership services and coordinating HIV programmes.


Tadios Teddy Munyimani


An activist with qualifications in Gender and Key Populations programming, Tadios has experience in implementing community health programmes. Munyimani runs the GALZ sub-office based in Bulawayo. His main mission is to translate the vision of GALZ into action.