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Terms of Reference: Human Rights Literacy Training

Terms of Reference

Consultancy to develop a Curriculum on Human Rights Literacy

1. Background


GALZ is a voluntary membership-based organisation established in 1990 to serve the needs of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex [LGBTI] community in Zimbabwe. GALZ’s main mandate is to protect, promote and represent the rights of LGBTI persons as equal citizens in Zimbabwe. GALZ is guided by its recently launched strategic plan 2021-2025  titled Leading with Love. The strategic plan emphasizes the need to strengthen community participation and leadership, changing mindsets and attitudes to end homophobia and empower members and allies for dynamic activism.


GALZ’s work is anchored on human rights for LGBTI+ rights and well-being in Zimbabwe. This mandate is attained through various initiatives  that include capacity strengthening of LGBTI+ and other same sex sexualities’ rights holders on understanding  human rights, demanding the rights and exercising the rights using available mechanisms that include the national constitution and other policies. In  carrying out the work, GALZ has realised the need to create and adopt a curriculum on human rights for standardisation and  consistency in human rights literacy sessions for MSM, FSW, MSW, PWUD.


GALZ enjoys national coverage across Zimbabwe through its headquarters in Harare and resource centres in  Bulawayo, Masvingo and Mutare. The recreational centres support twenty three affiliated groups –  small groups of at least 10 or more LGBTI+  persons in smaller towns, mining and farming communities dotted across the country.


2. Purpose of the assignment

GALZ is seeking the services of a Consultant to develop a National curriculum on human rights literacy for various key populations that includes MSM, FSW, MSW, PWUD.


 3. Major Tasks to Be Accomplished

The Consultant is set to develop the National Curriculum on Human
Rights Literacy through:


  1. Desk Review of current National and International Human Rights Literacy curriculums and other relevant sources.
  2. Designing of the curriculum through consultations with key and relevant stakeholders and the LGBTI community.


The Consultant is free to recommend any other methodology that they deem necessary in executing this task.


 4. Deliverables

 A Human Rights Literacy Curriculum


5. Duration of Contract and Submission of End-Product

5.1 The Consultant must complete the Curriculum within 25 working days as follows:


Activity                                                  Number of Days

 Signing of contract, Planning and development of Methodology  2 Days
Desk review  

4 Days

Consultation with relevant Partners and Stakeholders  

7 Days


Consultations with LGBTI community


3 Days


Data Analysis


5 Days


Presentation of Draft curriculum to GALZ Secretariat


1 Day


Adaptation of recommendations


1 Day


Submission of Final Curriculum


1 Day


 6. Payment

The Consultant will receive 30% upon signing of the contract,

30 % upon presentation of Draft Curriculum and 40% after submission of final curriculum document.


7. Qualifications, Knowledge and Experience Required


  • The Consultant must have at least a Master’s Degree in Human Rights, Law, Development Studies, Social Policy or related Discipline
  • Experience in Curriculum and analysis
  • Experience in working with with marginalised groups including LGBTI persons


8. Agreed Work Plan with Consultant


Date                           Activity


















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