Commemorating Zimbabwe’s 41st Independence Day        

We are independent but not free.

Who we are:
An association of  lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer citizens of
Zimbabwe. We are born and live here, and therefore deserve the fundamental rights and
freedoms afforded to all citizens as promised by the supreme law of the land.

What we stand for:

today over a dozen LGBTI organisations are active in Zimbabwe providing various services
to the community. We strive for the attainment of full and equal human, social and economic
rights in all aspects of life for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex (LGBTI) persons as
enshrined in our Constitution of Zimbabwe.

What we implore the government to consider:

In spite of strides taken to ensure equal opportunities for all Zimbabweans by Government through various policies and the efforts of various stakeholders, GALZ notes that a large section of the population still experiences difficulties in enjoying the fruits of this Independence and Rights provided within our Constitution that are entitled to them as equal citizens.

We call on the leadership to implement progressive measures in the application of rights and
freedoms already enshrined in the Constitution such as those pertaining to privacy, human
dignity, non-discrimination, right to assemble and health access, which proactively encourage
a culture of meaningful human rights protection in this country including interventions in the
legal, health, education and medical spheres. Only then can we truly be free. We encourage
the President to strive to create an environment of tolerance and respect among Zimbabweans
and that all citizens are treated with dignity and respect.

As the GALZ community, we commit to being part of processes aimed at nation-building and
contributing to a just and prosperous nation, founded on values of transparency, equality and

We lead with love. We value respect. We celebrate diversity.