GALZ Statement on Pope Francis’ Stance on Civil Unions

It is perfectly understandable why the Pope took the important step of recognising same-sex civil unions: it is perhaps the last stage in the dismantling of all forms of legal oppression and discrimination against LGBT people in the North and the recognition of their right to full equality.

GALZ applauds the Pope for making this brave statement which resonates well with the Global North.

But, for those of us in Zimbabwe, same-sex civil unions still attract some public disapproval and constitutional prohibitions, at least at this stage.

We still suffer from basic humiliations such as the criminalisation of sexual acts between men and vitriolic verbal attacks and ridicule from our leaders.

We also share all the major problems faced by the majority of Zimbabweans when it comes to the curtailment of fundamental rights and freedoms including the right to receive and impart information, the right to work and freedom from fear and poverty.